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Facebook & Google Data Angle:
Subject: USE Facebook+Google for YOUR eCom Success?!? {Software}
2nd Subject: "Real Time" eCom Data from FB+Google for MASSIVE Success?? {SmartApp}
So everyone and their grandmothers these days KNOWS that Facebook AND Google have a lot of DATA on us all.
This is Data about what we do online... and Best of ALL... What WE Buy. (HUGE)
...KNOWING this is Essential for success with the BOOMING eCommerce Industry. (currently at nearly 2 TRILLION a Year!)
FB & Google's Data on all this is Massive in setting up eCom stores for ANY niche that will SELL for you.
There's been other software that's come out in the past that uses ARCHIVED Data to help you figure out what will sell.
...BUT What good is OLD Data anyways??
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